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Get to know the story behind Southern California’s in-demand residential interior designer
Kari Weaver Luxury Interior Designer

Kari Weaver

Founder, Principal Designer, and Creative Director

Kari believes in the profound impact of people’s surroundings. 

Her goal is simple—to deliver astonishing results down to the finest detail with a deeply personalized and stress-free experience. By blending sophisticated designs with rich, warm interiors, she is able to create truly unique and inviting homes.

Born in the Midwest, Kari was raised by a wonderful family who encouraged her to embrace her natural eye for design and influenced her strong work ethic.

As a creative, entrepreneur, and mother, Kari deeply understands the importance of having a home that functions for your unique lifestyle.

During her time in corporate America Kari perfected her excellent customer service, organization, and execution skills working for Fortune 500 Companies.

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Going above & Beyond

Our wonderful clients are always our priority. Our job is not finished until our clients are 100% satisfied.

I have worked with Kari for over 3 years. Kari has been a project manager helping my husband and I with architects, contractors, and landscapers.  She translates and integrates for us and solves an array of problems that inevitably come up. She has researched products for our home and designed rooms - from furniture to placement of paintings. Kari listens well and gets the job done. I have used her referrals and have not been disappointed. Added to all her talent is a calm, competent woman who is fun to work with.

Gail & Robert M.

I was so lucky to have had Kari in my corner throughout the design and decor of my kitchen and bathroom. Her experience allowed her to think several steps ahead and, as a result, she saved me a lot of money on my projects. She has impeccable taste and, while I had ideas of what I wanted, I really found myself leaning into her advice. Kari is professional, accessible and easy to work with. I wouldn’t have a *stunning* kitchen and bathroom without her vision.

Mariam E.

I can't say enough incredible things about Kari Weaver Design. Kari exceeded my expectations with her beautiful vision of my main bedroom and main bathroom and her impeccable customer service. Kari was extremely receptive to what I was looking for and went beyond even what I had imagined. I’ve been so impressed with how my main bedroom and main bathroom look that I am continuing to work with Kari on other projects around my home. I absolutely would recommend Kari to anyone looking for a gorgeous, warm and inviting space.

Allison B.